Rates And Discounts

New Rates and Discounts Now Available

Gulf Atlantic has been providing specialty insurance products for physicians for over 25 years. Our goal is to meet the needs of our insureds by providing unique insurance products at reasonable rates. We are the oldest legal expense insurance program providing malpractice defense in Florida, which we created to meet the needs of the burgeoning class of bare physicians.

We are proud to announce a new rating structure and several new coverages. In our new rates we have compressed the number of classes from 16 to 5, we have moved from 3 territories to 2, and we have created additional discounts.

Our goal is to make our insureds our number one priority, and to provide the best coverage available anywhere.


Gulf Atlantic continues to offer a claims-made policy so you can purchase first-year coverage or purchase a fully mature policy. Rates are calculated on a variety of factors, including where you practice (your "territitory"), your practice specialty, the number of years of coverage requested (i.e., your "retroactive date"), and your claims history. Some premium examples:

  • Our fully mature base rate for a general surgeon in Dade or Broward county is $13,500, which is approximately 26% less than our prior base rate. Additional discounts could reduce this premium by as much as an additional 25%!
  • Our first year base rate for a family physician in Palm Beach county is $3,423.
  • Our fully mature base rate for an interventional cardiologist in Dade or Broward county is $8,500 before discounts. This physician can save between 60% and 75% compared to the base premium of a $250,000 policy through traditional Florida insurance companies.

To see how affordable legal expense insurance through Gulf Atlantic can be, submit a no-obligation Premium Indication application or call us at 1-800-839-2944 for a premium quote.

If you would like to see the class of Your specialty,
download the List of Physician Classes.


In addition to revised rates, Gulf Atlantic has added discounts that may reduce your overall premium. Highlighted below are a few new discounts and some prior discounts that we continue to offer:

    Gulf Atlantic offers a group discount of five percent (5.0%) if a group of three or more physicians all insure with Gulf Atlantic. This is in addition to all subjective debits and credits
    Subject to underwriting and as defined in the Rate Manual, a five percent (5.0%) claims free discount may apply to physician insureds who (1) have continuously been a policyholder of Gulf Atlantic for at least three full years prior to the effective date of the policy for which the credit is to apply, (2) have been claims-free for the preceding five (5) years.
    Gulf Atlantic may impose credits in determining the appropriate premium for individual insureds or groups of insureds who, in the opinion of Gulf Atlantic, uniquely qualify for a modification of the premium because of factors not contemplated in Gulf Atlantic's filed rate structure. Some examples of factors that may be considered are: Risk Management and Operational Procedures; Training,Credentialing and Accreditation; Cumulative Years of Practice Experience.